The Platform is a group of private sector companies, serving or having a representative in Madagascar, voluntarily and expressly manifesting their desire to contribute to humanitarian efforts in a coordinated way through the Platform organization mode.

The Platform is primarily motivated by the desire to contribute to humanitarian efforts and by the desire to promote mutual aid to create a network facilitating the achievement of these humanitarian actions. The Platform members are asked to adopt an approach dictated by the Corporate Social Responsibility aiming continuously at a better efficiency of their actions.

By providing human, material, and financial resources, the platform responds to emergencies in a quick, effective and coordinated manner.

Beyond emergencies, the private sector humanitarian platform builds capacities benefiting to local populations in the long term.

The platform’s objectives are the following:

  1. A stronger involvement of the private sector to increase the effectiveness of humanitarian aid particularly in the context of disaster and risk management and; enroll in the contingency plan;
  1. Identify the inputs on which each company can contribute, whether in services, provision of materials, equipment, technical, human or financial capital;
  1. Develop a clear and precise mapping, region by region, step by step, of what each company is likely to bring in order to best meet the needs arising from the decision-making humanitarian community through the prevention, preparedness, response, assessment and reconstruction phases ;
  1. Act in complementarity and transparency with “traditional” humanitarian actors and the National Bureau for Disaster and Risk Management (BNGRC) to increase the effectiveness of humanitarian aid;
  1. After every major disaster or at least at the end of each cyclonic season, make an assessment and an experience feedback of actions initiated by the private sector, proceed to a global assessment and develop an action plan taking lessons learned into account
  1. Promote companies Corporate Social Responsibility: create and execute sustainable projects following a pooling of the platform capacities, etc.