The private sector has clearly expressed its interest in getting actively involved in humanitarian actions in the context of Disaster Risk Management.

The implementation of Madagascar Private Sector Humanitarian Platform was originally sealed by the declaration of interest of nearly 60 companies from different industries. Several companies discussed their future commitments, with innovative and concrete proposals. Some actions have already been implemented.

Started on that basis, and recognized as an exemple to follow for the rest of the world, the platform needs to strengthen its position, to better regulate its procedure for effectiveness, efficiency, recognition and sustainability of its actions.

Charter of Madagascar PSHP

       Hence the development of this Charter with the aim to define in a clear and concise manner the Private Sector Humanitarian Private Sector (hereinafter “the platform”) in its operations, its composition, its objectives, its organization, the modalities for participation and membership of its members.

The charter aims primarily at maintaining an internal cohesion between the members of the Platform and allows them to agree at any time on the objectives, rights and duties of each member. It is also a tool that can be used externally as it conveys the values and messages giving credibility to the Platform.