The PSHP’s fundraising dinner

“To guarantee a water and sanitation access and insure a sustainable water ressources management”, this is the objective n°6 of  the 2030’s agenda which was set by the United Nations. The drought situation in the south of Madagascar gives rise to the Private Sector Humanitarian Platform (PSHP) to get involved for the implementation of a drilling project in agreement to the sustainable development objectives reaching.

This water supply project on the Andranohinaly’s town, District of Toliary II, Region of South-west, has been considered for the 2000 inhabitants who must travel 13 km before buying 20 liters of water bottle to 200 AR. This huge project will coast about 79 566 264 AR of financement.

That’s why the Private Sector Humanitarian Platform has organized a fundraising dinner on the 9th june 2017 in the room of Bougainvillée, Hotel Colbert Antaninarenina.

Another water supply projects in the south of Madagascar are being studed and wait for financements, like the case of the Sakavilany’s Fokontany, Town of Andranovory whose inhabitants have to take water for 3 km of their village or waiting for a private water supply with a coast of 300 AR of a water bottle of 20 liters. Without forgetting the Fokontany of Andranovory Centre, District of Toliary II whose inhabitants travel 4 km form their village before making water supplies.

The Private Sector Humanitarian Platform is getting involved to continue its efforts on accomplishing water supply projects  to the benefit of the compatriots in the South.



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