The platform has two main bodies, namely the General Assembly and the Coordinating Committee

Organigramme PSHP anglais

The Coordinating Committee is composed of at least a President of the Platform and leads of each humanitarian cluster. Cluster Leads coordinate actions implemented in their respective clusters and act as focal points between PSHP members and other actors in various clusters. Additionally, the PSHP Regional Focal Points are in charge of coordinating actions at the regional and districts levels for companies already implemented in those regions. The Coordinating Committee nominates Communication Managers in charge of internal and external communications efforts of the platform.

Upon admission into the platform, members are directed into the cluster of their choice according to their sector of activity or the type of assistance they intend to provide. This structure responds to the need to implement coordinated actions that fit into the existing national system. The role of the platform is not to substitute itself to the Government, but to complement its actions.

Within the platform, the Coordinating Committee manages the received data and ensures a coordination both internally (national and local levels) as well as with local authorities and other humanitarian actors.