Situation Report No. 6 – Madagascar: Grand Sud Drought

  •   Eau et assainissement, Education, Habitat d'urgence, Logistique et TIC, Nutrition, Protection, Santé, Sécurité alimentaire et moyen de subsistance
  •   Rapport

* Preliminary results of SMART nutrition surveys in four districts in the South show GAM rates: below 10 per cent in Tsihombe and Toalagnaro districts and between 10 and 15 per cent in Beloha and Amboasary districts, just below the emergency threshold of 15 per cent. No excess child mortality was observed.

• Except Betioky and Tsihombe districts, severe food insecurity rates decreased significantly compared with both the situation in March 2016 and August 2016. The national IPC exercise to be conducted in June 2017 will inform on the effective humanitarian situation.


Christèle Rabenjamina